Say to this mountain: Matthew 17.20 VOTD

“He told them, ‘It was because of your little faith. I tell you the truth, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, “Move from here to there,” and it will move; nothing will be impossible for you.'”

Matthew 17.20

Jesus explains why the apostles were not able to cast out a demon. He uses hyperbole, but his point is clear that with faith they will be able to do everything.

What part of God’s will appears to be impossible to do? How do we develop faith to meet the challenges of God’s will?

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August 2017 Issue of Christian Worker (Philippians Chapter 3)

Here’s a link to the latest PDF issue of the Christian Worker.

Here are the topics you will find:

  • Beware of Dogs (Bill Burk)
  • Leaving the Past Behind (Cody Westbrook)
  • Paul’s Present (Neal Pollard)
  • The Only Way to Go is Up! (Andy Baker)
  • A Call to Maturity (Clay Bond)
  • A Call to Follow (D.J. Stucky)

Christian Worker is an edification effort of the Southwest church of Christ in Austin, Texas.

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Aug. 23. Egypt’s Futile Aid to Jerusalem; Jeremiah Imprisoned

Jer. 46:13-28; 37:1-21

During the siege of Jerusalem, Egypt as an ally of Judah at the time, attempted to prevent Babylon from taking them. God speaking through Jeremiah stated that the Egyptians would be defeated just as surely as Mt. Tabor and Mt. Carmel were standing in their respective locations. They would be delivered into the hands of Nebuchadnezzar and his servants.

God again assured that Judah would not be completely destroyed. Their seed was destined to bring forth the Son of God many years later.

Zedekiah sent men to Jeremiah to ask the prophet to pray for the people. With Pharaoh’s army coming to Judah’s aid, the Babylonians eased the siege and departed to fight the Egyptians. The Lord instructed Jeremiah to warn Zedekiah against being deceived by Babylon’s actions. They would return and take the people captive and burn the city. Nebuchadnezzar’s army, even if only made up of wounded men would defeat Judah.

As Jeremiah was traveling to attend to personal matters, he was arrested and accused of defecting to Babylon. Disregarding his denial, the prophet was imprisoned in a dungeon. After some time, Zedekiah secretly called for him and inquired about any word from the Lord. There was word, but nothing had changed. “You shall be delivered into the hand of the king of Babylon!”

With their captivity imminent, Jeremiah in an “I told you so” attitude asked Zedekiah, “…Where now are your prophets who prophesied to you, saying, ‘The king of Babylon will not come against you or against this land?’” Upon his appeal to the king, Jeremiah was moved to a more comfortable place in the court of the prison and promised bread each day, “Until all the bread in the city was gone.”


Discerns his ways: Proverbs 21.29 VOTD

“A wicked person shows boldness with his face, but as for the upright, he discerns his ways.”

Proverbs 21.29

The wisdom of the Proverbs often contrasts the actions of the wicked and of the righteous, as well as the consequences of their ways.

To discern is to “keep in order,” as one version puts it. What is necessary to put one’s consideration, or thought, into action?

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Aug. 22. Zedekiah’s Covenant

Jer. 34:1-22

The prophet, Jeremiah reminded Zedekiah of the dominion that Babylon would have over Judah. He, along with his people would be given into their hands. Jerusalem would burn and he would die in Babylon, but would die in peace and be mourned properly.

One of the provisions of the law of Moses was the release of slaves in the seventh year. That commandment had been ignored for many years. As an attempt to regain favor with God, the Judeans released all of their slaves in compliance with that command. However, that did not last long. Everyone went out and reclaimed their slaves. With the breaking of that covenant, all avenues of salvation from Babylon were closed. Destruction was imminent.


Hugh’s News & Views (A Hermeneutic . . .)


For those who may not be familiar with the term, “hermeneutics” refers to “the branch of knowledge that deals with interpretation, especially of the Bible or literary texts.” Everyone who reads the Bible (or any other literary document) has a hermeneutic, a way of determining the meaning of what he or she is reading. It may be a valid hermeneutic or it may be an invalid one. It may enable the reader to correctly understand what he or she is reading or it may lead the reader to wrong conclusions. Continue reading

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A couple of 2017 full solar eclipse pics

Hardly a better day to live in middle Tennessee because the eclipse lived up to its hype and it was definitely worth the price of admission!

These pictures were made from still-shots off my camcorder, so they’re not the greatest … but they’re still neat.

Regardless of quality, I guarantee no picture can compare to what it looked like with my own set of eyes; nor can words really describe.

One picture captures the “diamond ring” effect, while the other is the “plain ole'” view of the full eclipse.


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