1.6 million

1.6 million.

Stretch it out and the number looks like this: 1,600,000.

Spell it out and the number looks like this: one-million, six-hundred-thousand.

Switch it to a monetary value and you could spend over $1,500 a day for approximately three years before you exhaust the money.

But this particular 1.6 million doesn’t reflect money. Apply this number to its proper subject and you’ll find that it reflects human lives!

That’s right … more than 1.6 million babies were aborted in America the year I was born (and again for emphasis sake – that number only represents the year I was born). That’s more than the combined number of American service-member deaths in every war this country has been involved in!

The practice of optional-motherhood doesn’t leave many options for the baby does it?

My prayer is that the women who had to live with their choice would help other women who may be thinking about making the same choice understand the cost of that choice. And I’m not talking money.

1.6 million.