1 Chronicles 11

  1. Saul and Israel suffered defeat, but the defeat was not total. David was in complete allegiance to the Lord, and when he heard the news of Saul’s defeat he sought the Lord’s guidance. This is in contrast to the guidance that Saul sought – and this is not to be missed. Having been anointed king, David sets out to take a city within the parameters of the land the Lord told Israel to take, and having done so he sets up his military. Of course, many of the men named had served alongside David as he was fleeing from the irrational threat of Saul.
  2. Application: There is something about 11:15-19 that offers us our application. It is so easy to long for what is not in our possession, and David did so. When the men who snuck out retrieved for him that which he desired, David would only give thanks to the Lord for their deed. Yet, note what this says about David’s leadership and personality that the men would risk their lives for such man. Is there a person in your life like that? That person may not be a David, but perhaps there are some “David qualities” that makes you go to the “nth” degree. Let us move one step beyond and ask about how we regard the Lord.