1 Chronicles 15 and 16

  1. David properly prepares to transport the Ark of the Covenant from its current location (Obed-Edom) to its new location in Jerusalem. Alongside of transporting David also commanded/commissioned an accompaniment of instruments. While they transported the sacred item, others played musical instruments, and brought attention to the movement. Having arrived David placed the ark in the Tabernacle and offered the proper sacrifices. The occasion was joyous and David distributed a gift to all Israel (16:3). For the occasion he praised the Lord in psalm (16:8-36).
  2. Application: David was God’s chosen king over Israel; he was also a prophet (Acts 2:29-30). On this occasion he sought guidance from the Lord (in his word as revealed to Moses) and, presumably, in prayer. This was a momentous event and David wanted to do things the right way. Having made the proper preparations, and will all attention focused on the Lord’s sacred item, they transport from one location to another. Singing praise to the Lord, playing on instruments, and sacrificing the proper livestock, they come and arrive. An interesting remark by Jewish commentators: “Whatever form of service David established in front of the Ark after he had taken it to Jerusalem was therefore only a temporary innovation and was in no way based on the specifications found in the Torah” (The ArtScroll Tanach Series on 1 Chronicles 16:6, p. 227).