1 Chronicles 18 and 19

  1. The theme of this chapter is “…the Lord preserved David…” (18:6, 13). With the previous chapter’s words, David was protected by the Lord. What prompted David to do all that he did with regard to the surrounding nations is not told to us, but we can safely assume that with the Lord’s blessings he went out and won the victory. David might have been a man of war, but it seems that his wars were “just” wars, and this is illustrated (in part) in chapter 19 (cf. 19:13).
  2. Application: When the Lord is on your side you can’t be defeated. However, this is not a remark that is to be understood only in the physical realm. The Lord was on David’s side, and he was not defeated, but when the Lord removed His protective care from David, he had to flee from the threat of his son. Yet, the Lord was still on his side because David knew what prompted the circumstance and to the Lord he turned. It is a tough pill to swallow sometimes, but no matter what “bumps” there were in David’s life reflect on how he is known.