1 Chronicles 20

  1. This chapter is a chapter that corresponds to that which we read in 2 Samuel 11 and 12. Rather than highlight David’s failings in whole or in part, the Chronicler accentuates David’s battles and victories. However, given that we know of David’s failings in 2 Samuel, let us give thought to one thing: the historical writer did not mention that David had a tremendous moral failing. There is something in this, however, that deserves attention. If one were to know only about David from 1 Chronicles, would there be known a moral failing like we learn in Samuel? To ask is to answer, yet it illustrates a point. Merely because we have historical data about a person or event does not mean we have the total picture of that person or event. If someone says they know you based upon the words of another, do they know you?
  2. Application: Be cautious, yea overly so, about drawing conclusions with regards to persons and events that you know but little about.