1 Chronicles 23 – 27

  1. David was an old man; already he had given his son Solomon a charge with regard to the Temple and with regard to his following him on the throne. David was known for at least two things: first, he was a warrior king and, second, he was devoted to the Lord Almighty. Of course, he was also known for other qualities among which, in these chapters, was his organizing skill.
  2. Application: Organizing is more of a strength for some than it is for others. I am not nearly as good of an organizer as my wife, but I am a sufficient enough of an organizer that I am plenty satisfied with my particular way. I have heard many people lament about themselves because of a failing in organizing, even scheduling. So many things go on in life that we prioritize in one area more than in another area only to have the less organized area rise up and bite us. It is a challenge. Fortunately, the Lord was (is) very good at such a skill (1 Corinthians 14:33, 40).