1 Chronicles 28

  1. As the previous chapters focused on the organization of King David this chapter also does the same. In this case, though, it is in relation to the plans and ultimate building of the Temple complex. David made particular plans for what he was not allowed to build, and these plans he gave to his son Solomon. To Solomon, he also gave a charge (28:9).
  2. Application: I have always liked the sentiment in 28:9. The Lord knows all, and He certainly searches in the deep crevices of the heart to see an exposed person. A humbling thought. Whatever it is that I try to hide from others I most certainly can’t hide from the Lord. David’s devotion stands out so very vividly, and this devotion he tries to pass on to his son. He make a significant point in saying that it was God who chose him (28:5), and whatever others may have thought about it, it must be remembered that it was the Lord’s doing, not David’s. When it comes to obeying the will of God, let us remember that it is the Lord’s doing, and no matter what others may think it is the Lord’s will, not mine.