1 Chronicles 29

  1. Having called the nation together David speaks of his motivation in making this vast preparation for the Lord’s Temple. His devotion was also a devotion that belonged to the people; they gave much, and they did so willingly (29:6-9). As David offers up prayer and praise to the Lord, he reflects on just where it all came from. That which the people willingly gave, there only gave to the Lord that which already belonged to Him (29:10-20). On a second occasion, Solomon is anointed king all over, and then David rest with his fathers (29:21-30).
  2. Application:  Reflect on David’s prayer in two areas: first, the area of “giving of one’s means.” Whatever we have, do we really regard it as our own? To a limited degree we might be justified in saying as much. But, when you think about our standing in relation to the Lord, does it really belong to anyone one of us? When we give to the Lord each first day, are we not only giving back to Him a portion that He has given us? Second, note for what David prayed in 29:18-19. David prayed that the Lord would give his son, Solomon a loyal heart and that He would fix the people’s heart toward Him. Interesting, especially in relation to Ephesians 1:15-19.