1 Chronicles

  1. Chapters 1- 9: The book of Chronicles, in these first nine chapters seems to be mundane reading. It is mundane (it seems) because one reads name after name after name, wondering what the point of it all is worth. In 9:1 we are told that all Israel had their genealogies recorded. These genealogies were important because in them the Levitical priesthood could be maintained with purity. These records were kept in the king’s charge (not the book of Kings). Here is a portion of an article in the ISBE on the importance of genealogies in Israel: “Genealogical accuracy, always of interest both to primitive and more highly civilized peoples, was made especially important by the facts that the land was promised to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, that the priesthood was exclusively hereditary, that the royal succession of Judah lay in the Davidic house, that the division and occupation of the land was according to tribes, families and fathers’ houses; and for the David, at least, that the Messiah was to be of the house of David.”
  2. Application: In C-9 I find this to be worthy of note because of the role/work that some had, and how important it was (cf. 9:33). We sometimes lose sight of how important our individual role might be to the overall scheme of what we are involved in. We lose sight, perhaps, because we are very good at what we do and it has become a mundane routine of accomplishment. We lose sight, perhaps, because we fail to see the role we are playing in the big picture. Whatever the reason let us not lose sight of our importance, our particular role, and the greater cause.