1 Kings 1

  1. The king in his later years was growing feeble and unable to stay warm. Abishag became his personal nurse (1:1-4). Adonijah’s conspiracy to assume David’s throne (1:5-10). Bathsheba and Nathan approach David concerning the conspiracy (1:11-27). David declares Solomon king in his stead (1:28-37). Solomon is anointed king (1:38-40). With the city in a joyous uproar Adonijah is told that David anointed Solomon king (1:41-49). Adonijah pays homage to the new king (1:50-53).
  2. Application: Ambition is a characteristic that prompts many people into action without thinking and, most definitely, without regard to others as people. Ambition in this sort of way may or may not have been exactly Adonijah’s purpose or intent (for we can’t say for sure), but there was an attempt to thwart David’s will and, thus, the Lord’s will. Many can have a form of godliness, but deny its power.