1 Kings 10

  1. The Queen of Sheba comes to visit Solomon, after hearing of his glory and his reign (10:1-10). Where is from, we do not know. She, evidently, was a woman of much wealth (10:2). The wealth she brought to Solomon is added to the wealth he accumulated as told to us in 9:28. Solomon’s wisdom was out of this world (if you will), and this brought much attention to him. With the attention came wealth. To see the king, when one was a foreigner, came with a price. The wealth Solomon received is seen in his productions (10:14-29).
  2. Application: The wealth that Solomon accumulated was the result of the Lord blessing Solomon (3:13). Thus, what Solomon had was not really his, but it belonged to the Lord, who gave it away. Did Solomon ever begin to think that the Lord blessed him because of who he was, the son of David, the king of Israel? Did Solomon ever begin to think that he accumulated this wealth because of his ability to navigate through the hustle of commerce, since Israel was on a significant trade route? All the wealth accumulated made Israel rich beyond measure; it also made Israel the envy and target of many nations. All this wealth invited much attention, and much of it was not good.