1 Kings 14

  1. Jeroboam, king of Israel. A man chosen by the Lord, but now a man rejected by the Almighty. Knowing the Lord was opposed to him, and that he desired to seek an answer from the Lord for the physical status of his sick child, he thinks he can send another messenger (inquirer) disguised, and that the Lord, via the prophet, would be duped. Amazing arrogance! Now his wife returns with heartache that can’t be measured. Can’t you imagine how “pleasant” that home was when she returned with the news from the Lord! It was because of the king (who was husband and father) that her son died.
  2. Rehoboam, king of Judah, reigned for seventeen years and, in Kings, did not have a very good standing with the Lord. In fact, in Chronicles, the Lord said that the king did not prepare his heart to the Lord (2 Chronicles 12), and is it any wonder when you consider the family from which he came? His father (Solomon) had nearly seven hundred women that he used for his own purposes. Rehoboam had a mother who had to contend with other women for the affection of her husband. Not having any success it is likely that she stayed with the idols of her youth (2 Chronicles 12:14) and, thus, Rehoboam was somewhat of a confused man.
  3. Application: It is hard to think of the death of a child as being a good thing, but note what the Lord said to Jeroboam wife about her son: “…because in him there is found something good toward the Lord…” (14:13). In our minds, the loss of a loved one is hard to bear, and especially the loss of a child…it is almost unbearable. However, the Lord looked upon the situation and said that with the death of the child much heartache will not be experienced by him. It is true that the child would not have enjoyed the pleasures that life brings to one, but it is also true that the child would not have grown up following his father sinful and rebellious footsteps, thus sending him to an eternal hell! Is there not much comfort in this? Perhaps not, but true it is just the same.