1 Kings 2

  1. David gives Solomon virtuous, but also heavy counsel when David “goes the way of the earth” (2:1-9). The summary years of David’s reign (2:10-12). In her naiveté, Solomon’s mother approached her son asking a request for Adonijah. Solomon, however, interprets this as an attempt to take the throne from him and renders a verdict against his older brother (2:13-25). Solomon removes Abiathar from being High Priest (2:26-27). Joab fears for his life; he was in the plot of Adonijah, and he was also guilty of innocent blood; thus, Solomon renders to him the verdict of his father’s (2:28-35). Solomon gives Shimei good terms to live by, but Shimei failed to adhere to it; thus, Solomon rendered his father’s verdict against him (239-46).
  2. Application: Being thousands of years removed from the situation, it is easy for some to render judgment upon Solomon for what he had done. This is most unfortunate. Whatever it appears to be, be sure to remember that none of us were there and the Holy Spirit only recorded in brief what He wants known. However, there is an application we can make when we give thought to the situation with Shimei. Solomon gave him good terms, and Shimei agreed to them; in fact he made an oath to the Lord that he would adhere. With time and circumstance, however, he failed. The word of Moses comes ringing back – be sure your sin will find you out. For Shimei, it did.