1 Kings 3

  1. With the kingdom firmly established, the first portion of this chapter has two significant points: first, Solomon made an alliance with Egypt and, second, Solomon’s devotion to the Lord is unquestioned (3:1-3). Solomon, having gone to Gibeon to worship, petitions the Lord for wisdom in ruling over His people (3:4-9). The Lord grants Solomon’s request and gives him more than he asked (3:10-15). Solomon is given a test-case with regard to the wisdom he received from the Lord. A sad situation concerning two prostitutes (3:16-28).
  2. Application: When Solomon was presented with a difficult case – and it was more difficult that one might think – it was the wisdom of the Lord that provided him his guidance. When the core of the apple is rotten, there is no chance for the apple (Provan); if Solomon exhibited justice that was corrupted, what would be said for the nation? Corruption can do nothing but destroy internally. This destruction results in the framework failing and the facade smashes to the ground! In our country, are we more loyal to virtue or party allegiance?