1 Kings 6

  1. Solomon built the Lord’s temple nearly five hundred years after the children of Israel had come out from under Egyptian bondage. The description of the temple and its outer portion (6:1-10). The remainder of the chapter is a more detailed approach to what Solomon authorized to be built; in total it took seven years. By the end of his eleventh year on the throne the Lord’s temple was completed (6:11-38).
  2. Application: Here we have an important piece of information relative to Bible chronology. Nearly five hundred years have come and gone since Israel left Egypt. The generally accepted date of Solomon’s assumption to the throne is about 971/970 B.C. This means that the exodus from Egypt would have been in the neighborhood of 1450 B.C. This literal piece of historical chronology given to us by the Holy Spirit says, if it says nothing at all, that the Bible is a historical record, and not only a spiritual record! Thus, the Bible is a reliable bit of information that can be put to the test.