1 Kings 7

  1. With the Lord’s temple completed, now Solomon spends thirteen years in the building of his own house (7:1-12). Solomon recruits a man of Tyre (though he was an Israelite) to fabricate all the furnishings of the Lord’s temple (7:13-51).
  2. Application: In the previous chapter the Lord spoke to Solomon about the importance of adhering to Him (6:11-13). This is a theme permeating all the Holy Book. As one reads, you would think that this would be entrenched idea. However, as we know, in the varied lives of the people it was not entrenched at all. In fact, it did not take long before the children of Israel departed the Lord’s way (Judges 2:10). For twenty years, it appears, Solomon had some (if not total) adherence to the Lord and His way. This is even indicated in the next chapter in his prayer. The Lord’s blessings upon Solomon and the nation allowed some (Solomon) to think that there was more to this prosperity they enjoyed than just the Lord. When such thinking begins to exist, destruction will soon follow.