1 Kings 9

  1. After Solomon’s prayer of dedication for the temple, the Lord appears to him for the second time, the first being in C-3. On this second appearance, the Lord receives Solomon’s prayer, but gives him an exhortation for him (Solomon) to stay loyal also (9:1-9). This turned out to be a problem for Solomon. The remainder of the chapter speaks to Solomon’s wealth and alliances (9:10-28).
  2. Application: The Lord appealed to Solomon to walk as his father David walked – with integrity of heart and uprightness. This is an interesting phrase when you consider the ups and downs of David’s life. John Gill said this on the thought: “Who, though guilty of many sins and failings in life, yet was sincere and upright in the worship of God, never apostatized from it, or fell into idolatry, which is what is chiefly respected.” I am not sure if this is entirely correct, but it is certainly not wrong. The strength of David was not only in this which John Gill said, but also in his humility toward the Lord when confronted with his failings. In fact, the strength of David was the Lord!