1 Samuel 22

  1. David was in a confused sort of mind; he was doing things as he went along because he had no time for planning. Now he had another matter to consider: Saul had poisoned his royal influence with a large number of other people and when they learned of David’s fleeing they sought an alliance with him. Saul’s troubles were multiplying. Recognizing as much Saul complains (like a spoiled brat) that people are against him in this matter. Doeg steps up and tells the king that David was seen with the High Priest Ahimelech. Saul demands the High Priest’s presence and, without any justice, destroys the all the priests of Nob and their families. A mass-murder slaughter!
  2. Application: When evil holds sway in a person’s life rationality is all but gone. Why such evil perpetrated on the innocent? There is no answer that can give rational justification in comparison with the evil done. Thus, the emptiness left in another person has to be comforted in knowing that God will bring all things to account. Solomon said some years later, “The end of the matter; all has been heard. Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man. For God will bring every deed into judgment, with every secret thing, whether good or evil” (Ecclesiastes 12:13-14).