1 Samuel 24

  1. David, an exhausted man, but a man who had no time to be slowed down by his exhaustion was now presented with an opportunity to put his exhaustion to rest. David fled the wilderness of Moan and came to the wilderness of En Gedi, and it was here that David had his great opportunity to strike his enemy. It entered the mind of his men, but David would not hear of it. The closest he came was cutting a piece of garment from the king’s clothing to prove his innocence of the false accusations leveled against him (24:9). Saul was dumbstruck by such mercy; he acknowledged his sin, reaffirmed David divine appointment as the next king, and left off pursuing David.
  2. Application: How can one not be impressed with the actions of David? He was an exhausted man, there was an ample opportunity to destroy his enemy (throwing Israel into confusion), but he would not do so because it was the Lord’s anointed, and only the Lord could properly tend to such matters, David felt. David became king when he was 30 years of age; it is possible that David was fleeing Saul’s presence upwards of 5 to 10 years. Whatever the length of time David was fleeing, it was his trust in the Lord through it all that stands out as that which is worthy of emulation and deeper reflection.