1 Samuel 25

  1. David had a large entourage; he not only protected them, but he also was concerned about providing food for them. On the occasion of this chapter he comes upon a very wealthy man who could provide generously if he desired, but who in fact rebuffed the kind overtures of David and those in need of mercy. David took strong exception to this and was prepared to help Nabal learn an “ultimate lesson” about hospitality. Abigail, Nabal’s wife, was made aware of a David’s vengeance, and decided to act quickly. Her quick response brought physical salvation to the males of the household, and it brought David down to a more even-handed spirit. Abigail tells her husband what transpired and, the NET reads, “He had a stroke and was paralyzed” (25:37). David interprets this as the Lord’s providence and protection. Nabal then died and David took Abigail into his home, providing for her.
  2. Application: What sets Abigail apart is, not her beauty, but her ability to think quick and her good counsel. She was married to a wealthy man, but a man that was less than he ought to have been. Her quick response to a disastrous situation gained the approval of David and attributed her actions to the Lord’s saving grace. Not everyone is blessed with the ability to think quickly on their feet; more than that, even fewer are those who do think quickly on their feet, but at the same time have the same capability of Abigail to know exactly what to do in a stressful situation. These kind of people need to be in your counsel.