1 Samuel 26

  1. The people of Ziph were loyal to the king and when they learned the whereabouts of David they again told the king (cf. 23:19). Saul, as he was then, was greatly pleased in this news so he sets out to seek David again. However, once again, the Lord protects David and gives Saul into his hands. David was not interested in killing the king (26:10), but demonstrating his own innocence. Saul, again, learns the lesson and leaves off searching for David any longer.
  2. Application:  When one is in a state of confusion surrounding the existence of their current circumstances, and when opportunity, not once but twice presents itself like the Lord giving Saul to David, how would you interpret the circumstances and what would you do? David certainly interpreted the circumstances in a similar way as most, but his determination to allow the Lord to bring Saul down was greater than any ambition he had to be king. He was more than willing to serve, but it would be on the Lord’s time, not his own. Just how strong is our own ambition, and will be let the Lord bring it about or will we try to “help” him (cf. Genesis 16)?