1 Samuel 31

  1. Saul had gone to a medium to seek counsel; the Lord used the medium to bring bad and sobering and news to him that in a short while he and his sons would die in battle. The battle raged and Saul’s sons were killed; Saul also was wounded, and rather than allow the Philistines the opportunity to kill and abuse him, he falls on a sword.
  2. Application: Saul consulted a medium (a violation of the Lord’s will), and through the medium the Lord tells Saul he will dis physically; did Saul die spiritually? Perhaps, but there was time for him to get his life right before his pending death (Jewish orthodoxy believes Saul was a righteous man). Was Saul really prepared for his pending meeting with the Lord? So confused he was at the recent experiences in his life, could he have prepared himself in this state of mind? Fortunately, as the Lord said to Samuel years previous, the Lord looks on the heart (16:7), and only the Lord can determine such things. Who are we?