1 Timothy 5 (Friday)

1. Worse than an infidel or unbeliever (5:1-16). In the discussion of supporting widows, Paul says there are two primary participants. First, there is the family. The family has a responsibility to support those in its midst who are in need. Second, if there are no family members or if family members refuse, then the church has an obligation. On this second point, let us take note of what Paul said in 5:8; if one refuses to assist, then the actions of the saint is worse than an unbeliever. How so? In this way he is worse: God gave His Son because of His love – even when we were (are) at our most wicked. Does the family member love the one in need?

2. Exhortations to Timothy (5:17-25). Those in position of leadership are to be honored for their work’s sake and while some might bring an accusation, let not the accusation take hold unless there is an additional witness. Even if one can’t really tell what might or might not have occurred, the Lord in the end will sort all these things out.