10-24-2017 Jesus Is No Ghost

After Jesus fed a multitude of 5000 men, not counting women and children, with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish, He sent His disciples on the sea of Galilee ahead of Him. “But the boat was now in the middle of the sea, tossed by the waves, for the wind was contrary. Now in the fourth watch of the night Jesus went to them, walking on the sea. And when the disciples saw Him walking on the sea, they were troubled, saying, ‘It is a ghost!’ And they cried out for fear. But immediately Jesus spoke to them, saying, ‘Be of good cheer! It is I; do not be afraid’” (Matthew 14:24-27 NKJV). They were afraid when they thought they were dealing with a “ghost,” or out-of-body being, but were mistaken. Faith in Jesus Christ overcomes fear.
This is Johnny Polk, with “Words of Wisdom” brought to you by the Oneida church of Christ.

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