100th anniversary of the Christian Worker

Here’s a link to the latest PDF issue of the Christian Worker. This issue looks at the 100th year of the publication by reflecting back on a few articles from the past.

Here are the topics that you will find:

  • A Word from the Southwest Elders
  • Editorial (Sam Willcut)
  • The Church–The Lord’s Bride (Bill Jackson – 1986)
  • The Elder Son (Frank Chesser – 1987)
  • The Power of Influence (Perry Hall – 1989)
  • Can We Understand the Bible Alike? (Waymon Swain – 1990)
  • The Sect Spoken Against (Johnny Ramsey – 1999)
  • The Bible Passes the Test (Wayne Jackson – 2001)
  • Peace in Distress (Rick Brumback – 2003)
  • The Christian and Self-Control (Alfonso Macias – 2003)
  • Fortress of Solitude (Andy Baker – 2007)

Christian Worker is an edification effort of the Southwest church of Christ in Austin, Texas.

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