2 Chronicles 1

  1. Solomon is chosen as king over Israel, and while he was in the position of not knowing best how to judge he calls upon the Lord to help him in this endeavor. The Lord does so by granting him wisdom more than any other who lived, or will live after him. While in position of authority over Israel, the Lord also grants him to have wealth greater than any of the other kingdoms; this resulted in Israel becoming an economic and military might in the region.
  2. Application: Having wisdom and knowing how to apply it is one of the great blessings in the world. There is a difference, however, between the wisdom that is of this world and the wisdom that comes from God. The wisdom that came from God brought many questions to Solomon’s mind, questions he could not answer. This resulted in the book of Ecclesiastes being written. Unfortunately, there are some who will take the wisdom they have individually accumulated and use that to direct life away from God. Solomon did the same, but in the end he came back to where he knew he should be (at least, that is what I want to think). Wisdom is not just knowledge but the proper using of that knowledge.