2 Chronicles 14 and 15

  1. Asa was now king over Judah, and though his father and grandfather had “confusion of heart” it does not appear this applied to Asa (15:17). In fact, chapter 14 focuses on his peaceful reign and his monumental victory over the exceedingly large army of the Ethiopians, while chapter 15 focuses on his encouragement from the Lord to stay faithful to His will.
  2. Application: With all the good that is to be said about Asa, I can’t help but to take notice of 15:9 and those who did not depart from Israel and go to Judah when they learned that Asa served the Lord. It speaks to a problem that exists even today in many locations. It is likely – and though many understand why – it is likely that many stayed put in Israel because that was their home. They would rather endure the vices of a false religion and the disloyalty of a king to God than to uproot and stay faithful to the Lord’s will and purpose in their life. Are many of us guilty of this as well?