2 Chronicles 16

  1. In the two previous chapters we read of Asa being a great king and a man of faith; in this chapter we learn of his failing in his final days (about 5 years). Israel threatened Judah and rather than seek guidance from the Lord – like Asa did previously – the king of Judah sought an alliance with Syria. The Lord was not pleased, and sent His prophet to let the king know this. Asa did not react very well to the Lord’s prophet, having imprisoned him. Thus, as far as the Record is concerned, Asa’s final days were without the Lord.
  2. Application: With much devotion (it appears) Asa set his heart toward the Lord. The Lord’s response to this was to be with Asa during his reign. As we learn, however, the Lord gave Asa a word of encouragement and a word of admonition (15:1-7), but Asa in his later years seemed to either have forgotten those words or outright rejected them. There is a lesson for us in this: regardless of where we are at in life in relation to economics, status, age, or physical capabilities, if one leaves the Lord it will not be good for that one who does so. To whom will one turn to then?