2 Chronicles 17 and 18

  1. When Asa died his son Jehoshaphat became king. As king he desired to please the Lord, and because of this the Lord blessed him greatly (17:4). His desire to please the Lord saw to it that he sent out teachers to the nation teaching them the ways of the Lord (17:9). The surrounding nations were also impressed and greatly respected the king of Judah (17:10-19). Jehoshaphat’s “sister” king, however, was a king of another sort. His name was Ahab, and his interest in the Lord was miniscule if it even existed. On one occasion Israel was in much disagreement with Syria. Jehoshaphat aligned himself in battle with Ahab (Israel) and they prepare themselves to do battle with Syria. Receiving guidance from the Lord’s prophet, the battle for the Israelites king did not look good (18:1-27).  Sure enough, as the Lord said, the king of Israel was defeated in battle. While the king of Israel thought to disguise himself, making himself less of a target, “by chance”, an arrow is shot and the Lord directs it straight to the king of Israel, wounding him with his death shortly to follow (18:28-34).
  2. Application:  Two things worth notice. First, Jehoshaphat was a king who loved the Lord, and that love manifested itself in his authorization of sending teachers out in to the land teaching them the Lord’s way. Without teaching what can another know to help them do as they ought? Second, though man tries to disguise himself in order to prevent another man from gaining an advantage – when the Lord is against you there is no disguise adequate enough, and there is no place to hide. You will be (and currently are) found out!