2 Chronicles 19 and 20

  1. Jehoshaphat’s good intentions (presumably) to fight alongside Israel brought the Lord’s rebuke against him (19:1-3). Jehoshaphat continued his effort at proclaiming the Lord’s glory and putting men in positions of judging in accordance with the Lord’s way (19:4-11). As the army of Judah was prepared to do battle with the dual forces of Moab and Ammon, Jehoshaphat appeals to the Lord in prayer as he is faced with a mighty force. The Lord heard his prayer and granted him the reprieve and victory he asked (20:1-30). Four chapters are devoted to Jehoshaphat, with the significance being with regard to his devotion to the Lord.
  2. Application:  Each saint has a decision to make nearly every day. That decision is whether or not one will align himself (or herself) with those who live in accordance with evil (or their own way of thinking). It may be easy to sit in a chair and answer this; it may be easy in some areas of life to answer this as well. There will, however, come a point when answering this will be more difficult. It helps when one is sure of the Lord’s way and when one is sure of the way that is contrary to the Lord’s way.