2 Chronicles 2

  1. As Solomon prepared to build the Temple he sought after the counsel and skill of the king of Tyre. The king of Tyre was impressed and granted Solomon that which he needed. Solomon conscripted over 150,000 men for the task, all of them were “aliens” (or foreigners) to the nation of Israel. In C-1 Solomon took note of the separation that existed between the Ark of the Covenant and the Tabernacle. The former was in Jerusalem, and the latter was in Gibeon. The production of the Temple would bring the two together again.
  2. Application: Solomon had much wisdom, but having wisdom and knowing best how to use it are not the same. It appears, however, that on this occasion Solomon did use it well. He not only sought the counsel of another better informed than himself, but he also brought together two sacred items pertaining to God’s worship together with this massive project of his. As Solomon asked, what could he build that could contain the Lord (2:5-6)? Since there was and is nothing, then the wisdom of God is to reign in God’s creation: man’s heart.