2 Chronicles 21

  1. Jehoram, Jehoshaphat’s oldest son, is now king over Judah. When opportunity was his to pay particular attention to his father’s methods he refused to pay the necessary attention. In fact, after the previous king gave much wealth to his children, but gave the authority to his eldest, when the eldest was firmly established he wreaks havoc to the family and nation (21:1-7). Surrounding nations revolt, and the Lord’s prophets tells the new king that the consequences of his actions was going to be the devastation to his house, his nation, and himself personally (21:8-15). He died a painful death (21:16-20).
  2. Application: Ample opportunity was Jehoshaphat’s son to learn from the ways of his father, but he had no use for his father’s ways. When troubles started coming to him and his house, the Lord gave him ample opportunity to learned and turn, but he did not. When he started anguishing in his sickness, this was a third opportunity for him to relent, but did he? How many opportunities does it take before the Lord gives no more? Who know, but the Lord? When it is ours, however, let us be sure we pay attention and learn from (and during) the first.