2 Chronicles 25

  1. Amaziah was now king over Judah, and his heart was somewhat confused with regard to loyalty (25:2). The chapter is divided into to two portions: first, when Amaziah was with the Lord (25:3-13) and, second, when he turned his back on the Lord (25:14-28).
  2. Application: Amaziah’s loyalty being confused was the result of two things: first, his father Joash might have been a good example early in his life, but when he decided to leave the Lord’s way, his example was bad, and with this fresh in Amaziah’s mind, its influence was great. Second, Amaziah had a choice to make, and the one he made did not benefit him. There is an application in this: it may be that the “strikes” against a person may be many (in regard to upbringing, for instance), but in the end, the choice of our will belongs to the individual.