2 Chronicles 26

  1. After the reign of Amaziah, considered a relatively good king by the Lord, the son Uzziah reigned in his stead. For 52 years he reigned (the longest reigning king of Judah, or even Israel). As long as he continued seeking the Lord, the Lord made him prosper (26:5). The importance of the previous remark is seen in relation to this: “…he grew proud, to his destruction” (26:16). His pride in his station of life made him presumptuous, thinking he could offer to the Lord only that which the Lord authorized the priest to do. This presumptuous act brought upon him the “kiss of death” (leprosy). For the remainder of his day, he was segregated from the Lord’s people and His temple (26:17-23).
  2. Application: Once again, it is worth noticing that when one presumptuously takes upon self what the Lord had not authorized to be done, that one who is filled with pride in so doing has presumed on the Lord’s authority. It is not simply a matter of an innocent alternative to a particular approach, but of going beyond the Lord’s revealed will.