2 Chronicles 3 and 4

  1. Chapter 3 details for us things pertaining to the building of the Temple by Solomon. David made plans for the structure, and Solomon saw to it that it was completed. It is worth noting that the location of the Temple was the same location where David offered his sacrifice to the Lord for his sin as recorded in 2 Samuel 24. Chapter 4 continues detailing some of the items within the Temple.
  2. Application: It is difficult to conjure up an image of precisely what all this might have looked like. For instance, can you imagine a “Sea of bronze” that amounted to the size of a basin (caldron) that could contain over 17,000 gallons of water? This set upon pedestals that had to be heavy enough to support the weight; if one were to measure 7 pounds to each gallon, and if the basin was full, that weight would be around 200,000 lbs. (about 600 tons)! Rather heavy by any standard. Yet the weight of our sin (which does not even register of a physical scale) crushes the soul.