2 Chronicles 32

  1. Having done all that they did, the Scriptures speaks of Hezekiah “acts of faithfulness” (32:1, ESV) as something that was a major contribution to the Lord’s protective wall around the king and his subjects. Assyria made their way to the land of Judah; already having carted off into exile those of Samaria, now Assyria threatens Jerusalem. Hezekiah, however, finds strength in God and encourages the people (32:1-8). Assyria has heard this before and they dismiss anything and everything Judah king has to say to the contrary (32:9-19). One thing the Assyrians seemed to have lost sight of was the fact that Israel’s God was the Almighty. Though warning was given by the Lord to them, the Assyrians still dismissed it – to their destruction (32:20-23). Hezekiah was a great king, but great kings are also mortal men of weakness, and Hezekiah was not immune to such (32:24-33).
  2. Application: It is well know that when the forces of evil surrounded Elisha and his servant that Elisha encouraged his servant with the immortal words, “for they that be with us are more than they that be with them” (2 Kings 6:16, KJV). Though Elisha is better known for using these words, it was also Hezekiah who used the same (32:7). And just as with Elisha it was with Hezekiah, these words were not just uttered, but believed. It may be difficult for us to appreciate those words to the degree that both men of God did, but they are true just the same. Whole we may not experience the physical relief Elisha and Hezekiah experienced, as the Lord Jesus was relieved we will also be.