2 Chronicles 33

  1. There is now another remarkable transition from the great and godly king Hezekiah to his wicked and vile son Manasseh. Manasseh, however, was not but a youth when he became king (33:1), and it is likely that he was led around by those who did not have the purest of motives and neither did they have the interest of Judah in mind. Having been influenced in this direction the Lord set His course on and against Judah. Manasseh took note of his sin, confessed it to the Lord, and the Lord reestablished his monarchy. While Manasseh was an evil king he died a righteous king because “he humbled himself greatly before the God of his father” (33:12). Manasseh’s son, however, was not so virtuous, and because of this lack of virtue the Lord was against him, and so were some of the people of Judah – for they assassinated him (33:21-25).
  2. Application: Manasseh suffered great humiliation in being carted off to Babylon, but having reached the pit of the valley he carved out for himself, Manasseh “came to himself,” and because he did the Lord heard his prayer. No matter how far one travels when on a spiritual path away from God, if the heart is truly penitent, there is no distance too great for the Lord that he can’t bring the penitent one back to a state of favor. There is encouragement in this.