2 Chronicles 34

  1. Josiah was now king in Judah; his desire was to serve the Lord and lead a nation, albeit a rather small nation at this point, but he desired to lead a nation in restoration. To add to that restoration spirit was the location of a precious item that all-too-many people did not regard as precious. The book of the Lord’s law was found, and when the king heard he desired to hear from the Lord. The Lord was pleased with the king, but told the king that what was planned against Jerusalem and Judah was not going to be thwarted, though the king would be fortunate enough to not have to experience it.
  2. Application: In this chapter we learn that God is not exclusive in whom He uses to serve His purposes. God used the prophetess, Huldah, to communicate to the king the forthcoming news (it is worth notice that she was a contemporary with God’s prophet Jeremiah, (cf. 35:25)). The significance in this regards itself with who did the choosing: it was the Lord. Way too many times people choose within themselves the Lord’s choice (or at least they think they do); in other words, since one has a strong compunction to serve the Lord in a particular capacity, than it must be the case the Lord did the choosing. This is a false approach, and this is demonstrated by the explicit teachings of the New Testament.