2 Chronicles 6

  1. Solomon reflects on the occasion when the temple was completed, how he was instrumental in getting it built – though his father David originated the idea for its building (6:1-11). As the nation gathered together Solomon led them in a dedication prayer (6:12-21). The particulars of that prayer are identified in the remainder of the chapter (6:22-42).
  2. Application: In Solomon’s prayerful and reverential position, he bowed his knees to the Father in heaven, and he opened up his arms toward heaven. I think this is symbolic of two things: first, he humbled himself before the Almighty in a physical position. As Solomon was king over the nation and his subjects would bow before him. The king of the nation is subject to Him who rules over all. Second, the arms opened up and spread toward heaven is indicative of the willingness to receive from heaven not only the blessings of the Almighty, but also the instructions in righteousness.