2 Chronicles 7 and 8

  1. At the dedicatory prayer’s closing the Lord heard that prayer and responded (7:1-6). The sacrificial worship setting for Solomon and Israel was quantitatively fantastic (7:7-11). The Lord appears to Solomon again with a word of encouragement and exhortation or warning (7:12-22). After Solomon built the Temple he built his own house and brought his wife (the daughter of Pharaoh) from Jerusalem to live in another location (it’s unknown where, but thought to be with Hiram). His organizational skills were of note, and those who were still residential alien were called upon to be the “blue collar” workers on the temple (8:1-18).
  2. Application: In heart-felt devotion the nation of Israel worked together to build the great Temple, and the Lord was willing to allow it to happen. That He approved of it is clearly the case as one reads the chapter, but His emphasis was not on something physical, material, but always on the heart of the individual. No matter how much “stock” the Israelites put into the site pleasing to the eyes, it was always the case that the Lord looked (and looks) on the heart and desired to see that which was pleasing to His eyes. Sometimes we miss this point. While we like things of a particular beauty, the Lord will see beauty only on the inside. Solomon was not even arrayed like the lilies of the filed, but his splendor was great as far as man was concerned. How well do we look in the eyes of the Lord?