2 Chronicles 9

  1. The queen of Sheba heard of Solomon’s wisdom and wealth and, not believing it, makes a trip to Jerusalem. She comes away much impressed (9:1-12). As the queen of Sheba came away impressed, a great many other empires were also impressed by Solomon’s wisdom and wealth (9:13-24). For forty years Solomon was king over Israel (9:25-31).
  2. Application: Chronicles does not really give a bad report of Solomon. In fact, if one were to know Solomon only from Chronicles, then the picture painted would be one-sided. This is often the problem to the potential solutions that might be brought forth in other circumstances. There are always two sides when problems arise with people, and when we only hear one side we hear an unbalanced report. With regard to Solomon, let us consider one other point: it was the Lord who brought Solomon all his wealth, but it was Solomon who chose to do with it what he wanted. What is it that we are doing with what the Lord gave each of us?