2 Kings 11

  1. Jehu had completely purged two kings from authority over the totality of Israel. When Ahaziah was killed, his mother Athaliah took advantage of the opportunity given her to take the throne. For six years she reigned (11:1-3). When she took advantage of the opportunity, she thought she eradicated all threats to the throne, but she overlooked one. The High Priest, Jehoiada, took charge of watching over the young child (to be king), and at an appointed time declared his royal status (11:4-12).  Athaliah resists, but her resistance is futile (11:13-21).
  2. Application: The mother of the killed king, Athaliah, had sown the seed of her own destruction. It may have taken six years before the chickens came home to roost, but they did come home. Perhaps, during this time, she had ruled in a way that was pleasant, economic, and charitable; perhaps, as she looked at it, whatever evil she did, the people would forget and all would be well. The Lord did not forget, and neither did some of the people. Be sure your sin will find you out!