2 Kings 14

  1. Amaziah, king of Judah, was 25 years old when he came to the throne, and in the early years of his reign, he reigned with the Lord’s favor. However, as he grew older and he became arrogant (cf. 2 Chronicles 25), this led to his downfall (14:1-20). Jeroboam was considered a good king (by some) over Israel, he reigned a long time and their economic status was raised, but the Lord did not look favorably upon him (14:21-29).
  2. Application: 2 Kings paints a positive picture of Amaziah, with but an unfortunate event in his life. As you read 2 Chronicles, however, we soon learn that as the young king started, he did not finish. Arrogance and pride are the downfall of all who imbibe in them. When one begins to look on self higher than is reasonable and practicable others will help him see his way more clearly.