2 Kings 18

  1. Hezekiah, king over Judah, watched in horror as Assyria swept into Samaria and took captive a people to whom he had much in the way of association. Hezekiah, however, was not like any of the kings of Israel; he was a king highly devoted the Lord’s way (18:5). Sometime in his fourteenth year (or shortly thereafter) on the throne of the small kingdom of Judah, Assyria’s army comes to Judah with a monumental threat of siege and captivity, but it is not until the next chapter that we learn of the monumental catastrophe that befalls Assyria (18:17-37).
  2. Application: This chapter is set up as a great contrast to the events of the previous chapter. Hoshea was king over Israel, and though he was not as evil as the kings before him, still Israel had gone past the point of no return when they continued in their idolatry. Hezekiah, on the other hand, was considered a king as good as the great standard-bearer David. With Hezekiah’s kingdom being close to nothing more than a city-state, it was the Lord’s “kingdom” that protected him. No matter how large or how small, no matter who is for or who is against, when the Lord is on your side who can stand against you and be victorious?