2 Kings 19

  1. The situation was dire at best, but because of Hezekiah’s devotion to the Lord, it was to the Lord he went for guidance. First, there are the king’s visitors (ambassadors) to the prophet Isaiah. Isaiah gives the king a good word of comfort (19:1-7). The word of Isaiah was given to the Assyrian representative, who returned to his own king, with the king then sending an official letter to Hezekiah (19:8-13). Hezekiah receives this letter and goes straight to the Lord in prayer. The Lord hears, answer, and with reassurance lets Hezekiah know that Assyria will cause Judah no problem (19:14-28, 32-37). So reassuring to Hezekiah was the Lord that the Lord gave Judah’s king comfort with regard to their ability to live off the land and even plant for future harvest (19:29-31).
  2. Application: What happened on that night is fantastic beyond measure! Of course, with the Lord, it is not any greater than Jesus walking on water, but the fact that so large a number of men died in one evening is beyond human description. Succinctly, the Lord states the number of men who died; it’s almost as if it was an insignificant occurrence. The greater point was that Hezekiah and Judah were saved. With 45 words (NKJV) the Lord states the fact of their demise. Outside the Bible there is also a recording of this tragic history by Herodotus, though with much myth. So great was this that some had to assign something natural because – and this is the point – who is that God that is all-so-powerful that something this great can occur so effortlessly? His name is YAH (Yahweh).