2 Kings 20

  1. Hezekiah was a great king, but even great kings must meet their end. On this occasion the Lord’s prophet, Isaiah, told the king to prepare himself. Humbled and overwhelmed by the words of the prophet, the king asked the Lord to remember him (20:3). The Lord responds to this by telling Isaiah to turn around and let the king know the Lord heard the prayer and 15 years was added to his life (20:1-11). Hezekiah, however, struggled with something that cost him with an upbraiding remark from the Lord. In a matter of time all the wealth of Hezekiah’s and Judah would be plundered by the very people Hezekiah escorted around Jerusalem (20:12-21).
  2. Application: The Lord’s prophet, I would imagine, was disappointed in having to tell Hezekiah of the Lord’s disapproval with his latest actions. Yet, in this, there is a lesson. Godly people who are clearly faithful to the Lord struggles with their own various issues in life. It does not matter if it is greed, anger, lust, gossip, or anything else. For some it is there and the burden can be over-powering. Did Hezekiah struggle with pride? Whether he did or not, his response, it seems to me, should have been one of humility rather than what it was. Can’t we learn something here?