2 Kings 22

  1. Hezekiah’s son, Manasseh, became king and was a vile king. He also had a son and his name was Amon. He was also wicked; because of his wickedness he was disposed with his young son, Josiah, becoming king. Josiah was clearly of a different disposition. While he was king, God’s law lost for a rather long period of time was found and notice of this find was given to the king. The law was read in his presence and hearing and fearing what the Lord was going to do to the nation, he inquired of the Holy One of Israel. The Lord gave word and reassurance to him that two things would happen: first, what had been read will come to past and, second, it will not be in his life time.
  2. Application: Has the word of God been lost? Is it no longer in its place of residence that it ought to be? The bound Scriptures looks real nice sitting in the bookshelf; people know, when they come in to the room where the Bible has a prominent place on that shelf that there is an interest in spiritual things. This is what some might think, anyhow. Resting nicely on the book shelf just might correspond to that which occurred in Josiah’s day. The word of God was lost! For some today, though the book sits nicely, it is lost from within the heart (cf. Colossians 3:16). The “lostness” in this case, is not its location physically, but spiritually (in application). Does the word of God have a home in the heart, or does it have one foot in and one foot out? Is the door of the heart open where the cold wind can come in and freeze whatever warmth there is? The interesting (and unfortunate) thing about the book of the law being lost was that it was in the house of the Lord!