2 Kings 23

  1. Josiah’s restoration of Jerusalem and the temple. He rid all Jerusalem of its evil influence. This effort on his part was very pleasing to the Lord (23:1-25). Unfortunately, Judah had passed the point of no return as a nation (23:26-27). The Lord was determined to erase them off the map, if you will. It had begun some years previous, but by the death of Josiah, who tried to intercept Egypt’s effort to thwart Babylon (23:28-30), it moved along rapidly. Josiah’s son was seated on the throne, but he did not have his father faith. Soon he was deposed and the king of Egypt set a new king on the throne, also a son of Josiah. Unfortunately for the Judeans Egypt taxed the people heavily (23:31-37).
  2. Application: Josiah was the last great king of Judah, but even though he sought a restoration of the spiritual standing of his nation, the Lord was determined to remove their “candlestick.” There is a need for restoration. There is a need for restoration with regard to the individual; there is a need of restoration with regard to the family; and there is a need for restoration with regard to the religious community. This restoration, however, must be in accordance with the Lord’s way not our own. It is only the Lord who can restore properly, the rest of us have too much rust connected with our own individual efforts.