2 Kings 25

  1. Zedekiah was king, but his reign was only a short matter of time. He resisted Babylon and Babylon made him pay a dear price. Zedekiah lost his city, captives were taken, Zedekiah was captured, his sons killed before his eyes, then he lost his eyes, and into captivity he went. Jerusalem was sacked and ravaged. What people remained were only the poor; with no money, no food, no stature, they were also no threat. However, some radicals were very much a threat and the governor Babylon set up was murdered. No doubt, those who murdered thought they did the Lord a service!
  2. Application: Many people, after determining their own steps, think they are serving the Lord. Illustration: there might be a person in the congregation where you serve who thinks that he (she) is doing the Lord’s work. Unfortunately, that opinion is an opinion that is contrary to the opinion of the elders of the congregation. Now, there is a “battle” over which opinion holds sway; the one serving opines that his (her) opinion is just as valid as the elders (and it might very well be), but has failed to see that the elders of the congregation are the men whom the Lord put in position to lead. While this is not even as remotely as grievous as what we read in this chapter, it does illustrates a problem – even at its lowest level – when men begin to think more of themselves than the Lord’s church. Is this not all-to-common in the Lord’s church? These same people will one day have to answer for their own determination.